Sasha Blashenkov

Hi and welcome to my personal website! Even though it looks like it was built on December 9, 1997, I designed everything on May 15, 2018! It is magical, isn't it, isn't it, isn't it??? By the way, the website's size is just a few cyberkilobytes!

Hey! Check it out! That's my cyberphoto! I took it with my digital QuickTake while I was eating noodles! I love them!

You can set the pic as your wallpaper! If you're surfing the Net using Netscape Navigator, simply right click on my photo, move down seven rows and select "Set As Wallpaper". Isn't that easy??

Fun fact: this site works (almost) perfectly on Netscape Navigator 4.61 and Internet Explorer 4.5.

Things I know (and can do)

HTML, CSS (LESS, SCSS, user-CSS), Kotlin, C++ (and C), JS, Ruby (+on Rails), PHP, Python, Node.js (a little bit), SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Debian & Ubuntu (as server OS), macOS & Windows (basic PC management).

Design (web and iOS), Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinchi Resolve, Canon cameras

Primer, Bootstrap 3/4, Handlebars.js, jQuery

If you don't see something you're familiar with and wish I knew that technology, there's a high possibilty that I already know it! Isn't that cool, right? Contact me for more information.

Things I've done



Things I hate

The ocean, theme parks, airplanes, talking with strangers and waiting in line. That's just a Motion City Soundtrack reference. Don't take it seriously.

Things I like


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